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Frankie P

Meet Frank “Frankie P.” Potoczak: dreamer, creator, entrepreneur, builder & chef. Frankie P. is the kind of guy who never stops…creating, working, giving back to his community and making his dreams come true!

You would think that owning multiple businesses would be a bit daunting, but Frankie P. enjoys a challenge and the opportunity to live and share is passion. So when a former gas station and used car lot in Lehighton became available for sale, he saw a chance of making his dream of owning a restaurant that would offer deliciously-fresh, traditional American and Polish Cuisine a reality. And, that he did. It was here that Castle Grill, the restaurant with the very distinguishable red roof was born. But you would think that his dream would end here, but it didn’t! If you had an entrepreneurial brain like his, you would know that great food and great microbrews go hand-in-hand, or maybe that is just common sense. But whichever way you look at it, he knew it was time to take his obsession for being FRESH to a new extreme and create a “Real Beer” hand-crafted with fresh, natural ingredients and local Carbon County water taken directly from the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  After noticing how popular his RCB brews were becoming, he decided that you can never have too much of a good thing. In 2014, Frank brought two of his greatest passions together and opened Red Castle Brewery, Brewpub & Wine Bar…a cool place to kick back and enjoy fresh food and fresh beer and wine on tap with all of your fresh friends!


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